'How do I claim my VIP discount code or use my gift voucher code at checkout?'


Well I have to say that for some reason, the layout of my shops checkout system does seem to hide this feature! I don't know why and I have no control over it....so I decided to create this tutorial style step-by-step guide to ensure that you don't miss out! Once you know how, i'ts easy!!!


Firstly, once your head to 'checkout' you will notice that there are 3 parts to the checkout system and therefore 3 pages to fill out to complete your purchase.


Page 1 - Email, Name and Delivery Address

Page 2- Payment Method- ie Paypal or card details

Page 3 - 'Review' to confirm and submit your order

.....its here on page 3 that your will find the 'Apply Shop Coupon Codes' tag in the bottom lefthand corner!



(Now I don't know why payment details are taken at step 2. In my mind that should come as step 3 once you've actually seen your order in the checkout but this is how my shop seems to be set up. I will promise that no money is taken until you press 'pay now...' on page 3.  This is when the order is confirmed and placed.)





Page 1 - Delivery.......

Complete your details then click 'Continue to payment'


Page 2 - Payment...........

Select your prefered payment method.......

CREDIT CARD (or a debit card can be used here too)

Or PayPal..........

Complete and continue to page 3


Page 3 - Review................

Finally on page 3 we can 'Apply shop coupon code' by clicking on the tag in the bottom lefthand corner (highlighted above in red!)

Once you click on the wording, a box will appear where you can enter your code and 'APPLY'...........

Now your coupon code should be applied to your Order total.


Select your shipping method and confirm your purchase by clicking 'Pay Now'.


I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions or are still having trouble please feel free to contact me for more help.

Also if you are not a VIP but would love to join the club and claim your exclusive 10% VIP discount please click HERE!