About - Zoe Howarth Jewellery

Cornish based Designer. Inspired by the beautiful coast and rugged landscapes.

"It all started with a love affair with the ocean and a passion for texture and patterns that can be found in the rocks and cliff faces of Cornwall. Plus a deep love of the process, of building and constructing pieces by hand, working out how to put them together and creating a thing that didn't exist before."

That all women should feel powerful, beautiful and confident. 

We understand that in our busy everyday lives it's easy to put other people first and forget to take of ourselves. Nourishing, spoiling, being kind to ourselves..... These are the basic needs to feel loved and fulfilled in life from the inside out. 

The better we feel, the more happy relaxed and confident we are!

With a grateful heart we encourage you to slow down, take some time for yourself, nourishing your soul and refreshing your mind. Beauty isn't skin deep, it starts from deep within and glows from the very centre of who we are. 

Find your glow, feel more beautiful, feel more YOU!
With a deep love of high quality handmade jewellery that makes your feel elegant and beautiful when you wear them. We also love the planet so do what we can to make our processes as sustainable as possible.

We use the highest quality of 100% RECYCLED STERLING SILVER wherever possible in our designs, meaning that instead of coming straight from a silver mine, which is a very energy intensive process, all our metals come from the electrical, gift-wear, jewellery and medical industries.

We also vow to use PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING when we send you your new handmade jewellery. Our boxes are made from recycled materials and are wrapped in tissue paper. We also use plastic free postage bags so you can relax in knowing that you can love your new jewellery whilst we also love the planet!



I live in the stunning harbour village of Porthleven on the south coast of Cornwall with my young family. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world where we sunny days exploring through the trees or wandering the beautiful beaches.

My sterling silver designs are an express of my love of the Cornish coastline. My shapes and textures all all influenced by the stunning patterns round in the rocks and cliff faces, the bubbles of the sea as the waves lap the sandy shore and by the moon glistening off the calm midnight sea. If you are looking for something special that encapsulates Cornwall, you won't find these unique designs anywhere else!

I'm a self taught metalsmith with a Textile Design degree! My creative journey began as a weaver and textile designer then after having my little boy in 2012 I found I no longer had the time (or space) to weave anymore so began looking for something I could work on for 10minutes here and there. 
I love the creative challenge of working out how to piece an idea together.
The process is addictive, it feels like alchemy, to create something out of raw materials whilst working with the elements of fire and water, like pure magic!

Thank you for taking a peak into my world!

Zoe x

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