What's your bangle size? .

Do you know???🤩 .

Here's an easy tip to find out exactly what size you are!!! .

Grab a bangle that you already know fits and measure straight across the centre! (Diameter) .

Make sure NOT to include the metal in your measurements! .

This bangle is a 6.0cm which is an XS (for those of you who can fold your hand up into a tiny space!) .

Me personally- I'm around a 6.4-6.5 (a small on my website!) But it's very common to have a 7.0 (large size) if your hand doesn't fold up very much! .

All are fantastic! .

Bangle sizes are really all about how small you can fold up your hand to get them on and NOTHING to do with how big your wrists are!😂 .

. ✨So I'd love to know.....WHAT SIZE ARE YOU?✨ .

Grab a ruler or tape measure now and find out!